Who are our clients?

Our consultants have worked with Fortune500 companies small businesses, non-profits, foundations and government agencies around the world.  Here are just a few of them:

Our clients share the following characteristics:

Willing to engage in mutual learning, high-caliber conversations, and creative solutions. Clients who are willing to have these kinds of conversations throughout the organization have much greater success in sustaining their efforts over time.

Committed to creating “authentic sustainability.” Sustainability efforts ultimately revolve around good business practices of fairness, accountability, and transparency.  Clients succeed if they adhere to these good business practices throughout the company – or are willing to take action on areas where they are weak.

Willing to partner with us to create a change initiative that fits well with their organization’s unique needs and culture. We select tools and approaches to fit the client’s organization and to optimize effectiveness and budget.  And we work to build their internal capacity to continue to adapt and adopt the tools after the engagement.

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