Who we work with

Our clients reflect a spectrum of change around integrating sustainability into their organization. Whether they are just starting their sustainability efforts or are well on their way, they all share a desire to decrease their environmental impact and increase their social benefit – while improving their overall business performance.

Below, see examples of the kinds of challenges our clients face, what types of clients we work with, and testimonials.

Challenges we help our clients tackle

“As a C-level executive, I understand the competitive advantage of sustainability.  But the rest of my C-level team doesn’t. How do I help our top leadership understand how to build sustainability into our strategy – and further, into our day-to-day decisions?”

“We know that sustainability is important, but we haven’t been able integrate it throughout the company. Departments won’t work together to solve problems, and they feel like sustainability is just a fad or another edict from headquarters.  How do we help them work together AND work towards a better future?”

We want to reposition our company’s products and services to take advantage of “the green wave.” How do we do it proactively, creatively, and with end-products that make sense for our business?

We know that we can’t manage what we can’t measure. How do we create benchmarks and systems for measurement that will help our managers and workers as well as our shareholders and stakeholders measure progress over time? How do we communicate our progress to our employees, customers and shareholders?

We have a green team – but we seem to be the only ones who care about being green! How does our sustainability effort gain momentum in our organization at large?

I know that climate change, clean energy and reduction of carbon emissions are all critical trends for the future. What do I need to do to improve my company’s performance and resilience?  What government programs and regulations are being considered? How will these issues touch different aspects of the organization?

Our team’s broad range of expertise can help you with all of these challenges.

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