Designing an effective strategy for sustainability is a combination of cultivating shared vision and measurable goals, in conjunction with creating a common approach and an agreement  of priorities for action that all parts of your organization can understand and apply to their work-flow.   We help you do all of this.

Intended Results

  • A practical vision for sustainability that is shared by the organization.
  • Clearly defined organizational goals and performance objectives in alignment with core business strategies with buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Criteria for prioritization based on Assess & Discover phases, including the development of Return-On-Investment information.

Our Approach

1)    Developing Shared Vision and Goals: Driving change throughout the organization is easiest done when minds and imaginations in all parts of the organization are engaged. By developing enterprise-wide vision and measurable goals, one creates pathways for change that are easily traveled.  This process may look a number of different ways, but will likely engage all parts of the organization, and will as a result create momentum for change.

2)    Development of ROIs and other criteria for decision-making: Prioritizing various options for action can be a sticky part of any strategic plan.  We ease this process by helping the organization define its criteria for realistic progress, as well as partnering ROIs and other measures to help your organization move forward.

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