Presentations & Workshops

CircadiaOne can make the case for sustainable business initiatives, systemic thinking, and culture change in organizations.

Intended Results

By joining us in one of our presentations or workshops, you will gain:

  • Inspiration and tools to improve sustainability performance throughout your organization
  • A greater awareness of the drivers of change toward environmental and social initiatives in enterprises
  • A clear understanding of concepts fundamental to sustainable business practices, including drivers of change toward environmental and social initiatives
  • Experience in systemic thinking perspectives and analysis to learn how these relate to organizational change
  • Knowledge and information on sustainability trends relevant to your industry such as applicable green certification options and technological innovations in energy efficiency

Our Approach

Education on sustainability and organizational change can be offered in a variety of formats, from blended learning webinars to face-to-face presentations with varying levels of depth, including:

  • Presentation or keynote address for an employee gathering, shareholder meeting, professional organization or management roundtable.
  • Presentation and dialogue for a more interactive experience. We will introduce key issues and concepts and lead a dialogue on best practices for responding to the challenges—and opportunities—in implementing sustainability practices.
  • Workshops that include experiential exercises to provide a more visceral understanding of sustainability, systemic thinking and change in organizations.
  • Customized seminars to provide a deeper experiential understanding of systemic thinking, sustainable business practices and the process of organizational change to improve environmental, social and financial performance. Seminars can provide a solid foundation to launch more comprehensive sustainability efforts.

Presentations or workshops are a great way to learn about sustainability and organizational change while getting to know us and our work.  Read more about our Services or Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting.

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