Workshop at SEC May 13

Old Habits Die Hard: How to Sprout & Cultivate Sustainability in the Workplace

When: May 13
Where: Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Sonoma Mountain Village
Cost: $20 Discount with code “Genesis” Register Here

As sustainability is reaching the mainstream, companies are asking how to take their efforts to the next level. After lights have been changed and the footprint measured, they know that the answer lies ins shifting habits. Join Susan Briski and Genevieve Taylor  in this interactive workshop in which we will explore a spectrum of methods for changing habits and creating a workplace in which sustainability is not just words on paper, but is expressed in daily actions. Whether you are an owner/proprietor, a manager, a CSO, or a green team member, we’ll offer tools on how you can help your staff to integrate sustainability into the daily rhythms of the organization so you can continue to improve your organization’s environmental, financial, and social performance.

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