Workshop at Napa Chamber on May 18

Driving Sustainability: From Confusion to Infusion

When: May 18, 7:30 am
Where: Wake Up Your Business Wednesday, Napa Chamber
To Register: call 707-253-3210, $20/person (members bring a friend for free)

Does this sound like you?
“I know what sustainability is, but I can’t get my co-workers to understand or embrace it.”
“We’ve had the training, but nothing has changed.”
“Our sustainability team knows what they are up to, but no one else does.”

Join Susan Briski, Carrie Hays, and Genevieve Taylor of CircadiaOne for an interactive conversation about how you can go from confusion to infusion – and leave with tools to embed sustainability throughout your organization. During this presentation we will help you:
1) Unpack why sustainability initiatives can stall in organizations and understand what you can do about it
2.) Gain a deeper understanding of how sustainability looks and feels when well integrated the culture, daily practices and decision-making of your organization and
3.) Gain tools to help you move from confusion to infusion.

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